About us


Martial arts,games and fitness academy

We run a number of classes under our ACS MAGFA brand, in addition to our ACS Minininjas initiative, we also have :

  • ACS Martial Arts
  • ACS Self Defence
  • ACS Ninjatykes
  • ACS Ninja Birthdays
  • ACS Boxercise
  • ACS Dance Fitness
  • ACS Fitness

We've been running martial arts classes for children 7 years to 14 years and adults since 2008 in the Luton area and on occassion, Harpenden. These classes operated out of leisure, community centres and schools and were associated with Bob Cowan's, Dunstable based International Atemi Jujitsu, until 2013 when ACS Martial Arts was formed.

In 2014 ACS MAGFA was created as a single, ecapsulating brand providing a number of services alongside our martial arts classes such as: Boxercise, Dance Fitness and kids games clubs. We ran these from a rented studio space in Taylor St Luton.

In 2017, we left Taylor St and moved to our current location in Charles St and began offering Smart Clubz games club sessions to schools and Ninja Birthday parties. Smart Clubz was changed in in early 2019 to Minininjas

Our lead coach and owner David Brown runs these classes. David began working with children when he was employed as an assitant jujitsu instructor back in 2000. He holds dan grades in 2 martial arts along with BETEC qualifications in the use of Reasonable Force, Self Defence tuition,  in addition to coaching qualifications in pressure points, self protection, junior fencing, dodgeball as well as ABA Boxing Tutor, Boxercise UK, IBFF GroupSparring and Muhammad Ali Fitness Boxing.